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And of courseā€¦.Coffee, Coffee, Coffee! We roast our own blends daily. starting with green beans from around the world. We roast small batches so our coffee never gets "old." Our goal is to provide the community with the freshest, best tasting coffee around.

Dosey Doe imports coffee directly from a variety of farmers across the globe. This eliminates middlemen and allows us to pay a fair price directly to the people who cultivate the coffee we serve.

Dosey Doe is constantly working to serve the best cup of coffee. We frequently hold "cupping sessions" where we experiment with new roasts and blends. We do not believe in serving single origin coffees as no one coffee can be as good as a blend. Perhaps Kona coffee from Hawaii is the only coffee that could stand alone, however it is the most expensive coffee. Furthermore, the characteristics and quality of single origin coffees are like wines which can vary wildly from harvest to harvest.

All of the Dosey Doe coffee blends are tailored to suit a variety of situations and preferences. For those interested in a good morning coffee or coffee you could drink all day, try our More Please. More Please is specifically blended to be less acidic, making it one that you can drink call day. Our Roast Master's blend is bolder but without being bitter. A coffee that is great with dessert or after dinner on it's own is our Dinner Bell. Two varieties of espresso include our classic Northern Italian (NI) and the Rodeo with just a hint of spice.

The world of coffee is the marriage of art and science. With many of our employees being Gold Cup Certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, we are ready and eager to answer any questions you may have.