Dosey Doe Tickets


When purchasing tickets, customers are advised to use only this website
( or
Dosey Doe cannot guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased from any other seller (such as other websites, brokers or individuals)

Counterfeit Ticket Warning:
Currently there are some scalpers, also known as “second party vendors,” selling tickets online at a rate more than double the standard price.
Their websites look official and offer tickets to a variety of venues and events, however tickets purchased via those sites could be fraudulent,
meaning tickets bought through these means may not be valid and you would be refused admission.

If you choose to buy Dosey Doe tickets from an alternative source, there are a few instances that may occur:
  • The tickets may or may not be valid, and you run the risk of not being let in to a performance
  • You’ll probably pay much more than you should
  • There’s no way to notify you in the case of a time change or cancellation
  • When you show up for the event, your name will not be on the attendance roster


    1: What is the dress code?
    This is your night out, come comfortable! Boots & jeans are just fine. High heels are not recommened as our parking lot is primarily gravel.

    2: I see different prices for some concerts, what's the difference?
    The different prices are for unobstructed and obstructed view seats. The lower price is for obstructed view seating, where your seat may not have a great view of the stage. We do have a third level viewing area lovingly referred to as the "Bird's Nest," which is reserved for people who purchased the obstructed view seats and offers a great view of the stage.

    3: What time do we need to get there?
    Check the Doors & Set times of the specific show.

    4: What is your cancellation policy?
    All sales are final. Refunds will only be issued in the event that a show is cancelled.

    5: Is there smoking?
    Dosey Doe is a non-smoking facility (includes e-cigs). Smoking is available outside on our patio.

    6: Are you hiring?
    We are always looking for wonderful people. Please stop by any of our locations to submit an application.

    7: Can I just watch the show and not get dinner?
    For a dinner show show, normally dinner is required, however, you can call us the day of the show to see if show only tickets are available.

    8: Can my band play there?
    Send an email to Make sure to include a link to your music! Please know that we recieve a lot of emails about band bookings and are unable to respond to each inquiry. You must have a website with a current tour schedule listed.

    9: Do you have a full bar?
    We have a full bar with the exception of frozen drinks.

    10: What about autographs and photos?
    The majority of artists who play Dosey Doe sign autographs after the show! The majority of artists do not mind pictures being taken during the show. If the artist does not want pictures taken during the show, we will make an announcement before the show starts. So go ahead and bring your camera!

    Autograph, Photo, Video Policy:
    Customers may seek autographs, photos, and/or video at Dosey Doe performances, but ONLY under the following conditions:
    1. The customer has purchased a ticket for the applicable show
    2. The artist has agreed to sign autographs and/or take photos/videos with customers
    3. The customer must agree to and comply

    11: The people next to me are so loud that I can't hear the show! What can I do?
    Dosey Doe is hands down the best acoustic listening room in Texas, if not in the country. We encourage everyone to silence cell phones and keep talking to a minimum during the show. Please respect the other patrons around you and enjoy the show! Do not hestitate to let a staff member know if there is an issue.

    12: I've lost my tickets or I can't print them. What do I need to do?
    You do not need to bring your ticket to the show, just give your name at the door!

    13: I have paid a deposit on my tickets, when do I pay the remaining balance?
    The final balance is to be paid upon the completion of the show. Your server for the evening will present your final bill once the show is over and you can pay at that time.

    14: I have dietary restrictions OR can I just see a menu for the show I'm going to be attending?
    Our chef creates a unique menu for each show at the Big Barn. The evening's menu will be posted on our website. If you have specific dietary needs, please give us a call at 281-367-3774 as soon as you can to make arrangements. Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Food Allergies, no problem!

    15: What is your capacity?
    We have a seated capacity of 420.

    16: Are there age limits?
    No children under six years of age allowed for a live performance except for student showcases.